Dirt Bowl 2



Dirt Bowl

This summer at Kertis Creative, the team is working on a huge video project about the Dirt Bowl. It’s a fairly unknown basketball tournament held in the west end of Louisville. The city is still extremely segregated, and the west end has basically been cut off from the rest of the city by the government. So most of Louisville doesn’t know this historic basketball tournament even happens every weekend of the summer.

The Dirt Bowl has been shut down several years because of violence. But the city has ramped up police presence and the tournament has been active for the past two years.

I decided to take a day from shooting video to get some stills from the event. It’s been awhile since I’ve shot stills and had so much fun doing it. More to come.

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Shot through diffraction grating material.





London This was an extremely fun shoot, and the beginning of a portrait series (featured on www.adamwolffbrandt.com currently). We were also able to include it on the Metamorphosis project.



This was a very challenging shoot. I actually had to retry this after my first go didn’t quite live up to what I wanted.


Here’s the setup: